Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Your maid of honor and bridesmaids have been assisting you through out the entire wedding planning process, helping you with all the small details and tasks that were assigned to them.  A nice way to say a heartfelt thank you like a personalized gift for each of them. 

When my sister got married, she gave each of us a tote bag with our names on them.  She gave us our bags at the rehearsal dinner and inside was the jewelry that we would wear on the wedding day, some other little goodies and a nice thank you note for all we did to help her prepare for the wedding.  It was such a nice gift and I can’t tell you how useful that bag is in my everyday life!


These wine glasses are such a cute gift to give to your bridesmaids.  You can have their names added to the glasses so they each have their own unique one.  For your flower girl?  A small glass with their name on it and drawing of their dress!

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If you are experienced with Do It Yourself projects, you can pick up some wooden picture frames and put your bridesmaid’s names on their individual frame.  If not, you can always custom order a gift like this.  Make sure to include a special picture of you and your bridesmaid, maybe a picture from when you two were growing up together, an exciting vacation or another memorable time that you shared.

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Including a personalized note or letter with your gift is a great idea.  Thank your bridesmaids for all their hard work in making sure that your wedding day was truly memorable.  They all took the time to be there for you on your special day and this is a great way to put into words how much that you appreciate them.  Trust me, it will be something that each of them cherish for a lifetime.

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