Wedding Dress Trends

Gorgeous gowns adorned 2012’s Bridal Fashion Week and in honor of it, I thought I would share some of the top trends that came out of the shows for you!

If you have been paying attention to fashion trends this year, you would know that peplum skirts are all the rage right now!  So why not take a popular trend and incorporate it into your wedding dress?

One of my favorite wedding dress designers is  Alfredo Angelo.  He took the elegance of a timeless lace dress and designed it to be a perfect summer or winter wedding dress for 2012.

bridal fashion fall 2012

This next dress is definitely not an old-fashioned gown!  Corset bodices are becoming so popular, you can see this style in almost every designers gallery these days.

bridal fashion fall 2012

Yes, the corset bodice dress is becoming wildly popular lately, but another trend is also on the rise.  Bows!  Here are some beautiful gowns from Bridal Fashion week incorporating this latest accessory and even combining other trends as well.

bridal fashion fall 2012

These are just some of the great fashion trends that came out of Bridal Fashion Week 2012!  They are all perfect for a wedding in any season.  If you are thinking about a wedding with a mountain backdrop that is nearly as breathtaking as any of these dresses, The Boulder Country Club is the perfect place to go!


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