The Do’s and Don’ts Of Wedding Registry


Do make sure that you are registering for wedding gifts at least 4-5 months before your wedding.  You want to give your guests plenty of time before your big day to get you a gift.  It will also help your guests when getting you gifts for your wedding shower as they can simply go off your registry list.


Don’t just register at one location.  You will be hard pressed to find everything that you will need and/or want at one store.  A great example would be to register at a home goods store, like Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as a store, such as Target, that has home goods and other items you want.


When registering at these stores, make sure that your guests can go online and look up your registry.  This is important when dealing with out-of-town guests, especially those that can’t make it to your wedding.  They can go online, order your gift and have it shipped straight to your home.


Don’t forget about those basic items that you will need.  Most people think of just the big items, like kitchen electronics, home furnishings, etc.  Make sure you remember the other things you want, such as towels, bed linens, everyday dishes and more.  When combining your home as husband and wife, typically the individual things you own won’t match each other, so have your guests help you get those things for your home


Do include items in all different price ranges.  You may really need that $200 vacuum, but your co-worker or friend probably won’t be getting you that item.  Include gifts on your registry under $25, under $50, under $100 and so on.  Chances are you will get that more expensive item from a family member, but make sure to register for items that anyone will be able to afford.


Don’t just register for gifts that only you will enjoy.  Register for gifts that one, you can enjoy together, and two, you can enjoy separately.  The bride may really want that mixer, but her husband may not really care about it.  If he is asking for a new lawn mower, register for it.  Having things on the list you can both enjoy will make you each very happy.


Do write thank you notes!  If you are getting gives well before your wedding, you should be writing thank you notes then.  During the week before and the week after your wedding, it is doubtful you will have the time to be writing thank you notes, but try not to wait more than 3-4 weeks after your wedding to send out thank you cards.  Make sure to get them out in a timely manner as a thank you note goes a long way to your friends and family that joined you on your special day!


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