Creative Table Number Ideas

Getting creative and personalizing your wedding is one of the many things we absolutely love to see here at The Boulder Country Club!  Table numbers are just one more way that you can add your personal touch to your wedding reception.  Below I have put together some fun table number ideas that would be cute for your wedding.

At one of our past weddings this summer, the bride put together table numbers with a photo of her and the groom at the age that corresponded with the table number. 

Another cute idea is having the table numbers on candles.  You can combine your centerpiece nd table number, which is a great way to cut costs as well!

Pinned Image

Any item at your wedding should tie into your theme.  This is a fun idea for a travel or vintage themed wedding.

Pinned Image

Below is another idea from a wedding we had last year here at the club.  They definitely kept to theme with their table numbers and the place cards/gifts that told their guests where they would be sitting.


There are countless ways to make your table numbers!  But no matter what you do, keep them unique to your wedding..even table numbers can be something that a guest walks away remembering.


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