How to choose the perfect location

Choosing the location for your wedding should be the first, and quietly possibly, biggest decision you will make throughout the engagement process. There are tons of beautiful venues out there, but picking the one that captures the personalities of the bride and groom is crucial to bring out the beauty within the space itself. Reasons behind this include it sets the theme of your future affair, dictates whether or not you will need to hire a separate planner, determines the number of guests, food options, dress choices, as well as influencing a number of other factors. Thus, we suggest choosing a location first.

Using Boulder Country as the example, here are some details that are provided here that attract previous couples as well as add to the overall wedding experience.

Full Service Wedding Planning Assistance
Not having to hire a planner not only cuts down on costs, but it also allows for a professional from the venue to act as a reliable source to turn to. They both know the way the space operates, providing ideas for how to utilize the venue to maximum effectiveness, as well as can provide vendors for the area. These wedding coordinators help with as little or as much as the couple needs and are a great resource if provided. At BCC, on site coordinators work to make your ideas become a reality.

Wedding Pics set 1 007 For example, this couple wanted a S’mores Bar.

Views of the Rocky Mountains
Views act as a free backdrop in which the theme of the wedding can be set around. At Boulder Country Club, whether you are from Colorado or not, views of the Rocky Mountains are absolutely stunning and provide an amazing backdrop for any ceremony or reception. At BCC, both our ceremony lawn and reception areas face West providing breathtaking views. In fact, since both have indoor/outdoor capabilities and in the case of the reception area, heaters outside if need be, views will be experienced throughout the entire affair.

Wedding Pics Set 3 028 View from our 180 degree deck

One Wedding Per a Day
At large venues, most notably hotels, multiple weddings can be booked a day. We want to provide you with the day you always dreamed of so we have a strict policy of one wedding a day to ensure our attention completely on you from the beginning to end of the day.

Inclusive Wedding Packages
Inclusive wedding packages breakdown costs by bundling items together in order to provide an easy decision on which works within your budget. At BCC we offer four different wedding packages in order to work within a variety of budgets and to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. These packages can be customized however you want so that your unique vision can be created.

Wedding Pics Set 5 013

Catering done in House
Having on-site, reliable catering reduces stress as well as helps save money. Our award winning catering chefs create unique and delicious culinary creations that are sure to impress your guests. Additionally, they customize menus so that dietary restrictions are met.

Bridal Suites
Having a space to get ready in for both the bride and groom is a great way to coordinate hair, make up, and the arrival of the bridal party. At BCC, we offer spaces for storage, areas to get ready in, as well as offer a bridal attendant with all bridal packages.

Wedding Pics Set 5 003

Choosing the right venue that offers ammenities and other details crucial to you is the best way to make your dream wedding a reality. Determine what these might be and match a location to your unique vision.


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