Summer Weddings at the Boulder Country Club

This summer has flown by so quickly as a result of all the beautiful weddings we have had here at the Boulder Country Club. Each wedding has been unique, elegant, and representitive of the couple’s individuality. We feel so lucky to have had such amazing couples and wish all of The Boulder Country Club brides and grooms the best of luck! Here is a recap of some of the weddings we have had so far.

Emily and Patrick’s wedding was filled with pink accents complimenting the couple’s fun personality.
Clark Wedding 6.29.13 001

Clark Wedding 6.29.13 004

Alex and Dan went for neutral colors and opted for an indoor ceremony allowing for a clean, crisp, and elegant ambiance.
Decker Wedding 6.22.13 002

Decker Wedding 6.22.13 004

Decker Wedding 6.22.13 025

Jessica and Page’s ceremony and reception used aspects of Boulder to bring in a cool Colorado vibe.
Wedding Pics Set 5 002

Wedding Pics Set 5 013

Jessica and Trent integrated clean lines and cool colors throughout the ceremony and reception producing a chic feeling.
Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 016

Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 029

Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 022

Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 030

Laura and John showcased their fun personalities with pops of purple and a reggae band.
Wedding Pics Set 3 024

Wedding Pics Set 3 005

Wedding Pics Set 3 039


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