Memorable Ceremonies

Too often the focus of the overall wedding is on the reception over the ceremony itself. Arguably, the ceremony is the most important part of the day and should reflect the couple as much as anything else. Whether it come through with decor, song selections, or who is officiating the wedding, the ceremony can be equally serious and not the typical “cookie cutter”experience. At the Boulder Country Club, we have had the privilege this summer of working with couples that have had a variety of ideas for their ceremonies, transforming this short amount of time into something memorable for all.

Keep guests comfortable at outdoor ceremonies with water, fans, or umbrellas.
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Arrive in style- an antique car or sports car is a great way to depart from the ceremony or wedding reception.

Using your best friend as the officiant adds a fun and humorous vibe to the ceremony.
Decker Wedding 6.22.13 008

Hanging lanterns in the trees is a great way to add inexpensive flare to a ceremony location.
Clements Wedding 8.4.13 022

Line the aisle with flowers, lanterns, a runner, etc.
Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 001

Incorporate guests with a rose or sand ceremony in which all are invited to participate. Additionally, you will have another physical reminder of your wedding!
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Adding small details to a wedding ceremony provides all with lasting memories and shows off the individuality of a couple. The most simple touches allow for the experience to go above and beyond the average ceremony.


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