Beyond the Knot, Tying the Day Together

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are the traditional way of bringing close friends and family members together during the wedding ceremony and reception. When done correctly, the clothing choices worn by both sides tie the colors of the wedding together as well as help further reflect the formality of the occasion. Thus, prior to going shopping for EVERYONE it is important to establish what  the vision of the overall wedding is, noting details like venue, time of year and colors.  
While traditional church, outdoors, and beach wedding are all uniquely beautiful, the formality of each is completely different. For example, a long satin gown and tuxedo make sense in a church while at a casual outdoor ceremony, short dresses and basic suits are a more fitting option. Keep in mind that both men and women need to match in formality and color scheme in order to achieve a cohesive party look.

exquiste weddings 1exquiste weddings 2

In the above photos, the ceremony took place at our outdoor ceremony site here at the Boulder Country Club. Matching the cocktail feel of BCC, short, satin dresses and three-piece suits were worn. The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids utilized the same color of purple to tie the parties together. Furthermore, the same flowers were used to make the bouquets and boutonnieres.

exquiste weddings 3

Working to further the purple theme, the flower girl wore the same color of purple in her dresses sash. Additionally, the same flowers used by the wedding party are seen lining the aisles.

exquiste weddings 5exquiste weddings 7

Carry Colors and Formality from the Ceremony into the Reception
Purple chair sashes and white chair covers continued the elegance experienced during the ceremony by giving the rooms of the Boulder Country Club the same sophisticated feeling. Thus, the clothing choices once again were complimented by this simple touch of color and the space itself. Purple was further incorporated in the programs during the ceremony, place cards, and center pieces.

exquiste weddings 8

Bottom line, choose a theme or color and stick with it. Give direction on what your vision is and communicate with all that are helping to plan. Keep in mind where you are getting married and what would work best with that space. For ideas, look at past pictures from your venue to see what couples before you did, being critical about what you like and don’t like for your own day.

Photos Credit: wedding of Davi and Abigail DiMartinio

Davi and Abigail’s wedding took place at the Boulder Country Club on May 26, 2013


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