Wedding Cake Alternatives

In this day and age, the classic tiered wedding cake is no longer expected at weddings. While there is no denying that wedding cakes are beautiful to look at, couples have opted out of them for the fact that they cost a boat load of money and often go untouched.  Couples are now going for desserts that reflect their tastes and style. These 10 desserts are fun, original, and are sure to please guests as well as your wallet!

1. Candy Buffet
Choose your favorite candies and display them in fun jars. Even better, you can incorporate the various colors from your wedding as well as give guests something to take home with them at the end of the night. This self serve option is sure to please as guests get to pick exactly what they want!
dessert 8

2. Cupcakes
Still stuck on the cake idea? Opting for cupcakes ensures a variety of cake flavors as well as offer an easy, mess free option! Additionally, cupcakes can be tiered to give a wedding cake shape, if you still want to keep that tradition.
dessert 6

3. S’mores Bar
Not just for campfires anymore, these tasty marshmallow melts are fun for guests to make and easy for you to prepare. Give this classic a twist by substitute graham crackers for wafers, using flavored marshmallows (prehaps in your wedding’s color scheme), and adding fun toppings like peanut butter and nutella. Make sure to check with your venue’s fire code before committing yourself to this!!
dessert 9

4. Cheesecake
Cheesecake is a great option for those that still want to have the traditional “cake cutting” during the reception. Bakers are able to arrange cheesecake into a display reflecting the shape of a traditional tiered cake. Additionally, cheesecake can be prepared in a variety of flavors so all guests can find what they like.
dessert 7

5. Build Your Own Crepes
At most venues, kitchens are able to offer “action stations”. At these, chefs prepare food made to order. Thus, at a crepe station, guests get to choose the toppings they like best and watch it made right in front of them. Crepes are a light dessert, perfect for after heavy wedding cosine.
dessert 10

6. Pie Table
Pie is both a traditional American dessert as well as a budget friendly option. Couples can mix family recipes as well as order from local bakeries that specialize in baking pies to have a variety of flavors.
dessert 3

7. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar
On a hot summer day, serving ice cream is the perfect way to refresh guests! Whether you opt for healthy frozen yogurt, ice cream sundaes, or have an “ice cream bartender” there to whip up milk shakes, guests are sure to find something that satisfies them. Guests will love having a variety of flavors and different toppings to customize their creations.
desssert 11

8. Cake Pops
Cake pops are another dessert that helps cut down on mess, they’re on a stick so no need for plates and forks! These bite size desserts allow guests to have either a variety of flavors or just have a bite of sweet!
dessert 5

9. Donuts
Donuts are the new trendy dessert to have at weddings. Whether they are dressed up with fancy dipping sauces or served plain, guests will love seeing a twist on this old classic. Try offering this dessert with a coffee and hot chocolate bar.
dessert 4

10. Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate fountains offer both a do it your self option as well as provide the same tiered shape of a wedding cake. Guests decide from an array of toppings, think fruits and angel food cake bites, and then get to dip these into chocolate.
dessert 2


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