Fall Weddings at Boulder Country Club

Boulder Country Club has continued to be hard at work as the fall wedding season has begun.  Over the past few weeks we have had a number of couples tie the knot. Below is a recap of two of our most recent weddings.

Brooke and Johan
This vibrant couple themed their wedding off of Johan’s South African heritage. The flowers, colors, decore, and even Brooke’s dress were all native to South Africa.

The ostrich egg complete with the South African national flower, the King Protea, acted as the centerpiece. The theme of the wedding was further showcased by naming each table after an animal found in the country. Through the flower choice, amarula gift at each guest’s seat, and animal print touches throughout the room, Brooke and Johan captured a South African vibe.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 001Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 002

Brooke and Johan served a traditional South African champagne beverage as guests arrived.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 007

The intimate ceremony took place outside and included South African touches.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 012Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 010

The dessert table offered traditional South African candies and an amarula flavored cake.

Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 005

Over the past few weeks, the state of Colorado has began rebuilding after the devastating effects from the flooding in September.  Fortunately, the Boulder Country Club was lucky enough to not suffer a substantial amount of hardship. As a result, we have been able to continue hosting weddings as well as take in clients that had to relocate due to the flooding of their original venue.

Nicola and John rescheduled their wedding to the Boulder Country Club days before it was to take place.
Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 007

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 009

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 004

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 015

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 017


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