Weddings are notoriously known for costing you a lot of money.  And while planning a wedding will take time and money, there are many different ways that you can still afford your dream wedding on a budget.  Below are just a list of ways to save some cash and still have a day to remember!

  • How important is it for you to have your ceremony and reception at night?  Not very?  Then a good option may be to have your wedding during the day.  You will  find that having a day time reception will cost you much less than a night-time event.  Also an advantage?  People tend to consume less liquor during a day time reception so if you have a hosted bar, you will definitely save money there!
  • Buying flowers for your bouquet, centerpieces and other decor can be very costly.  Think about looking for flowers that will be in season when your wedding date rolls around.
  • Speaking of flowers, think about using your ceremony flowers for your reception.  Given that you have someone who can help you with this, have them take the flowers from the ceremony to the reception site.  You can use these flowers on the cake or gift table or even in the centerpieces provided you have the time to place them all before the guests arrive.
  • Centerpieces don’t necessarily have to be flowers.  Think of your theme.  If you are having a summer inspired wedding, maybe cut up some fresh fruit and put it in tall glass vases with water.  If you are having a wedding in the fall, use pumpkins or pine cones.  There are so many ways to make unique centerpieces at half the cost of using flowers.
  • Think about combining place cards and favors for the guests.  Whether you assign seating at the table before hand or have the place cards on a table when they enter, you can mix the two together and save on stationary costs.  Write guests name & table number on some stationary and attach it to a box bag that has the guests favor in it.
  • Make the favors for your guest.  Again, think about your theme and tie your favors into that.  For a spring or summer wedding, a cute idea is to have your names and wedding date on a bag of flower seeds that your guest can take home and plant.  There are plenty of DIY favor ideas under our DIY section above.
  • Celebrate the season!  Summer weddings are typically the most costly.  Have a wedding in the winter time, but try to not book it around the holidays.  The rates are higher during peak seasons for venues.
  • Having a DJ for a wedding is much less expensive than hiring a band.  Even cheaper than that, using the venues sound system and hooking up your own musical device.  This one really all depends on preference and how you want your reception music to run.
  • Book your wedding at an ‘all-inclusive’ venue!  At the Boulder Country Club, we have on-site ceremony space AND a full-service wedding coordinator.  Booking your wedding at an all-inclusive venue saves so much time and money!

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