15 Crucial Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress


  1. Have an idea of what you want before walking into the bridal store
  2. Begin the process of looking for a dress at least 8 months early
  3. If you want to have a custom dress make sure there is 6-8 months for them to make the dress
  4. Be clear about your budget as soon as you walk into the bridal store
  5. Have people with you to give you opinions on each dress
  6. Know terminology such as different dress colors (ivory, white, etc.)
  7. Bring heels and a strapless bra with you to try on dresses
  8. Do your hair but do not wear any makeup while trying on dresses
  9. It is a long process so bring snacks with you
  10. Consider your venue and what style would fit it best
  11. Know the return policy before you buy anything
  12. Consider what style of clothes look best on you and flatter your figure
  13. Don’t be afraid to try on a different style of dress
  14. Make sure to look at the small accessories that go with the dress
  15. If you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it and keep trying on other styles and dresses

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