To Spend or Save?

Every person, at some point, has thought about their wedding. As a result, combining two distinct visions makes for what can be one of the most expensive days of one’s life. However, coming up with a plan, budget, and allowing enough time  for planning, will set you up for success and ultimately your dream wedding.

Determining an amount of money that all are comfortable spending is crucial to keeping your day within your means. Write a budget by ranking different items by order of importance. From there, allocate funds to each category. After this has been agreed upon, the fun of fulfilling each item begins.

Areas to spend time searching for and spending money on
One of the few things you will have after a wedding day are the photos from it. Thus, taking time to find the right photographer, that is within your budget, is worth it. Ask friends, family, and even your venue if there are people they recommend. Ask about packages and other discounts the photographer might offer to get the best rate!

Wedding dress and appearance
A bride deserves to look the best she ever has on her wedding day. Finding the right dress that is within one’s budget takes time. Give yourself enough time so that you are choosing the dress of your dreams rather than settling on mediocrity. Keep in mind that sale or used dresses are great options. Additionally, when deciding on a dress, choose one that has few alterations to keep costs down.

Wedding Officiant
It is worth spending extra time finding a person that shares your same beliefs  and that you are comfortable around. The ceremony truly is the most important part of the day, so take time finding the right person that will provide you with lasting memories.

Where to Save
Guest Count
The most expensive aspect to weddings is food and beverage. Figure out who you truly want to attend, and make selections from there. Reducing the number of guests invited works towards lowering overall costs tremendously.

Ceremony and Reception locations
Arranging so that the ceremony and reception are at the same venue promotes keeping to a timeline and also allows for fewer site fees. For example, at the Boulder Country Club, booking a reception means there is no additional ceremony site fee. Furthermore, transportation costs are reduced by not having to arrange rides for guests.

Typically, venues “peak season” is in effect from May through September. During these dates, minimums must be met. Additionally, Saturday’s are the most common day to be married on and are therefore the most expensive. Consider doing your wedding on a Sunday or not during the “peak season” to avoid having to meet such a high minimum.

Package Deals
Wedding packages provide inclusive deals. These allow the bride and groom to save money by having catering, linens, and other details all included into one cost. They also simplify and reduce stress. Here at the Boulder Country Club, we offer four different packages at different price points. These can be customized so that your vision and budget can be met. Additionally, included in each package is the set up and tear down. Look for locations that include these so that your day is stress and hassle free.

Opt out of the traditional wedding cake for either cup cakes or other desserts. Have your baker make a cake for the cake cutting portion of the reception and serve guests a different sweet treat.

Reuse flowers from the ceremony in the reception. Bouquets, arch pieces, and other decor from the ceremony are great options to use as decoration. Additionally, potted plants are typically less expensive and are a take away for guests at the end of the night. If you choose to go for the typical large floral centerpiece, encourage your florists to use greenery, like babies breath or ivy, to take up space and use less flowers.

If your venue is near a college or university, student bands are often as good as professionals and are a lot less expensive. DJ’s are also a great option as they can play such a wide variety of songs. Use your band or DJ during the ceremony and reception to avoid having to pay two separate fees.

Invitations and Place Cards
Assemble and print these items yourself. Enjoy a few afternoons with friends while putting these items together while simultaneously saving tons of money.

Stick to the Time Line
Avoid overage fees by staying on time.

Bottom Line-

Write a budget and determine what is most important to you. Satisfy these items first, making cuts on less important details.


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