Rebeka and Karlis – August 1st, 2015

From the moment we met Rebeka and Karlis we knew they were an amazing couple. When they first came to look at the Boulder Country Club, it was through facetime on Rebeka’s mothers IPad since they live in New York.  They choose to book their wedding with us and we got to know them throughout the rest of the planning process. They were such a fun and loving couple to work with.  They did both their ceremony and reception here and each was decorated with blues and purples.

The ceremony was white chairs with purple sashes lining the aisle along with light blue flower petals one either side of the aisle. They then had a cocktail table up front with a bottle of wine in a wooden box.  During the ceremony they each nailed the box shut and will open it on their one year anniversary or first big fight, which ever comes first.  We loved the wine idea! They had purchased this bottle of wine when he had proposed to her and saved it for their wedding date to box it shut.

After the ceremony, they went straight into the reception that was decorated with ivory chair covers and linens, dark purple sashes and blue lanterns with light blue petals scattered in the the center of the table. It was such an elegant look inside the Boulder Country Club.  Once dinner was over, they did their first dance which they had been practicing inside their New York apartment.  It was so much fun to see them come together and do such a fun first dance together.

We were so lucky to have to opportunity to meet this amazing couple and wish them nothing but the best!


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