What to Wear to a Wedding

Are you invited to a wedding and unsure of what to wear?  We are here to help you pick out the perfect outfit.


Remember, the most important rule is to not wear something that will distract or draw attention to you instead of the bride. Rule number two: never wear white to a wedding or to pre-wedding events, unless otherwise noted in the invitation.  This is one of the biggest no-no’s and best way to not upset a bride on her wedding day.  Rule three: it is always better to be over dressed for a wedding than under dressed.  If you are unsure of the wedding attire dress code always over dress.  Rule Four: wearing black to a wedding is more and more acceptable, so it is okay to rock that little black dress. The final rule: be respectful of your surroundings.  If the wedding is at a church make sure to bring a light sweater and cover up.  Make sure you are not offending anyone by showing too much leg or cleavage.


If you are attending a summer wedding, dress for hot weather.  Especially if it is an outdoor ceremony or reception.  Make sure to buy a dress with a breathable fabric.  You can always dress up a fun bright sun dress with some cute heels or wedges.  Guys can wear a lighter colored suit with no jacket to stay cool during those hot summer days.


As we all have come to learn the weather in the fall is unpredictable and it can either be extremely hot or freezing cold.  The biggest advice we can give for a fall wedding is to dress in layers.  You can always take off a sweater or jacket if it is too hot out.  Dark and muted tone colors are appropriate to wear and you can always add a pop of color with jewelry.  Tights are another way to stay warm in-case that winter weather comes early in the fall.


Weddings in the winter are a fun excuse to wear that fun festive dress you’ve been dying to wear.  Since it is holiday season it is acceptable to wear that blingy dress that you wore to a holiday party or on New Years Eve.  Make sure the fabric on the dress is thicker to stay warm and to wear tights with closed toed pumps.  Men can always wear a dark colored suit to a winter wedding with a dark colored tie.


Spring weddings are tricky with all the changes in weather, keep in mind when picking out this outfit that the rain can swoop in and get your dress wet and your heels may sink in the grass.  This is a perfect time to wear those pastel colors and wedges over pumps so you don’t sink too quickly into the grass.  Lighter suits are perfect for the guys at a spring wedding, especially light gray and brown.


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