Courtney and Amy’s Wedding – September 2015


Last June we got the honor of meeting two of the most amazing people, Courtney and Amy.  They both came in for their tour and soon after they decided to book with us at the Boulder Country Club.  Soon after they booked we met Courtney’s mother and father, Donna and Rick.  They came in to see the space and immediately we were inspired by Donna’s vision for the wedding and all the beautiful ideas she came up with.

Both of us spent time talking to Donna on the phone and meeting with Courtney and Amy to plan and coordinate their wedding.  Everything they wanted to do was so simple to fit Courtney and Amy’s laid back personalities, but yet elegant and formal to make their day memorable to them and all their guests.




They ordered wooden cross back chairs for both the ceremony and then we later moved them into the reception during the cocktail hour.  The wooden chairs brought together the ceremony with the decor and arch that they had come in from Boulder Blooms.  They also had the chairs in a half moon instead of the typical straight across set-up.


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Their ceremony was absolutely gorgeous!  They had a close family friend marry them which made everything so much more personable for them as a couple.  They looked so happy together as they said “I do” as did every single guest sitting there listening to their wedding vows.



Before the wedding started, Donna had an entire team come in to set up all the decor, favors and place cards.  We have never seen someone with such organization while coordinating an entire team.  She gave each person a specific job task and they did it beautifully.  We both were so lucky to have such amazing help from someone with a stunning vision.

They used greenery, rocks and branches for all their decor mixed in with flowers from Donna’s garden that she brought all the way from Michigan! Donna put together all the center pieces the week of the wedding after having boxes shipped to Colorado for the past several months. Everything she put together lit up the venue and it had a magical look to it that we fell in love with.

They used rocks and painted on the table numbers and each place card was a small rock with their name on it, meal order and table number.  The time that everyone put into this wedding was all truly worth it after seeing everything come so beautifully together.


After the ceremony they took a fun group photo taken by their photographer, Julie Afflerbaugh and then the party began.  During cocktail hour they had a band playing outside on the patio while drinks and hors d’oeuvres were being served by the Boulder Country Club staff. Once cocktail hour was over we introduced Courtney and Amy for the first time as bride and bride.DSC_0045-6SN1fVlpE6PJ09ZnZrZqUkWi44f0JuZ9AW4wnyB_FQ,HaMqkfLFjsIC3C2W7LygzBLdaRhMOXCc24UaE-JVovU,z-ATAoJhbbk_hWzei0qoSE63F9xs3zxg-f76KzFDm48

For dinner we did synchronized dinner service and served each table salad, entrees and dessert.  Then both fathers and family/friends gave inspiring speeches about these two very special women.  And after that the dancing began with a live band.


Congratulations to these beautiful brides! We were so lucky to get to know both Courtney and Amy along with both their amazing families!

And another special thanks to all the vendors who helped make this wedding so special: Julie Afflerbaugh Photography, Boulder Blooms, RC Special Events and All Event Rentals.


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