Don’t Forget About The Chairs

Don’t make the mistake and overlook chairs for your wedding ceremony and reception. Such a small touch can dress up your wedding instead of buying tons of decor. Most venues provide the basic hotel stacking chairs for banquets and most the time they are ugly and don’t match your wedding theme.  Here are some different chairs that may dress up your wedding and pull everything together. Some are from weddings that were held here at the Boulder Country Club and some are photos from other weddings at other venues that we found on Pinterest and fell in love with.  All are such unique ways to make your wedding an event everyone will remember.

If your venue provides hotel stacking chairs you can always buy or rent chair covers and sashes to help hide those loud patterns or torn up fabric. The sash can also help pull out your wedding colors and add to the theme of your wedding.

Purple Wedding Reception

(Photo Credit: Jamie Beth Photography)

If chair covers and sashes aren’t you, don’t worry.  With all the event rental companies out there you can rent in different chairs to help dress up your wedding. One we love here at the Boulder Country Club is the Chivari Chairs and the best part is they come in different colors. The wonderful part about these chairs is they help open up the room so it doesn’t look too cluttered.

View More:

(Photo Credit: Dawn Sparks Photography)


Another great option is the wooden padded chairs that come in all different colors as well. These are great for ceremonies as well! The fun part with all these chairs is you can add a sash for a hint of color.

Yellow and Black Ceremony

Want more of a natural wooden chair, we adore the wooden X back chairs.  They are fantastic for any rustic, vintage, natural wedding theme. You can always dress the chairs up with flowers to add some color or the pads for the seats to make them more comfortable for your guests.

bHzNkrCPg1OQG62SBbKgxeZtMv5W3G15bRP_3tVH3ag,oGr2PoyQLm8ZxcYbM-FnCZMM23W_PiW61mqrxggoRwg,qBSaTU4NuIyQ1UhH9IKaj-KiAkBaB-3e69RC5i7kpG0,T0_X8a2c7d1N0oVCUaA4T9Rlp2yDmFSd Photography: Ashley Kelemen - Read More:

(Photo Credit: Julie Afflerbaugh)

Other great options are to decorate your chairs by tying different styles of sashes, step away from your typical bow and do something that will make your wedding stand out.

Love the sash tied to the side for ceremonies!:  A unique way to tie a chair sash for a reception.:

Or you can always buy extra decor or find other fun ways to make your wedding unique! Here are some of our favorites.

Check out these simple chic wedding chair ideas for a spring or summer wedding.:  Love these chair sashes!:



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