The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Guide

The rehearsal dinner is the start of all the wedding activities and the last thing you need to stress about.  The tone for the rest of your wedding weekend is set by this kick-off event, and we are here to give you some tips to help you plan the perfect rehearsal dinner.


Most often the groom’s parents will host the rehearsal dinner, but sometimes couples like to do things a little differently these days.  Figure out who is hosting and covering the cost of the dinner whether it is you and your fiance, either set of parents or if you are going to all split the cost.


This is the most stressful party of any event, figuring out your budget.  It may not be fun, but is very important.  Be sure to set a clear budget with all parties involved so there are no surprises.

Guest List:

Depending on your budget will really determine who and how many people you invite.  Start with the bridal party and close family members and go from there.  Some people choose to invite everyone from out of town or they will do a cocktail reception afterwards to include everyone, but save some money on the dinner portion.


Looking for a venue may be stressful, but really try to find one that is convenient for your guests coming.  And again, make sure it fits into your budget.

Day and Times:

Typically you see the rehearsal dinner held the day before the wedding and right after the rehearsal at the wedding venue.  Plan enough time to run through the rehearsal part and travel time before the dinner.  Make sure to pick a time that is convenient for all your guests and not too late so you can get plenty of rest before the big day.


Make sure to pick out food options that all your guests will enjoy.  Consider any dietary restrictions as well.

Have Fun:

Be sure to enjoy yourself, this is the kick off to your wedding weekend.  Use this night to relax with friends and family before you say “I Do.”



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