• Buying flowers for your bouquet, centerpieces and other decor can be very expensive. Look for flowers that will be in season during your wedding, this is a simple way to save a little extra money on your big day.
  • Always have extra money saved up in case something unexpected occurs.  This will save you the stress of dropping more money than you originally planned for.
  • Know your budget when looking at venues.  When you go into a venue with an amount you are wanting to spend, they can tell you if it is feasible before you waste your time looking at a venue that you cannot afford.
  • Before choosing a bar package, know your crowd.  If they are heavy drinkers, then a hosted bar may be best.  If each guest may only have a drink or two, then hosting your bar on consumption may be more cost effective.
  • As soon as you pick a venue and date for your wedding, find hotels in the area and set up a room block for your guests. Most hotels will offer a reduced rate for any wedding blocks, just make sure you are not liable for any rooms that are held and are not booked by your wedding guests.

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