The Importance of Focusing on Your Wedding Guest List Early On in the Planning Process

Congratulations! You’re engaged! I’m sure there’s so many thoughts running your head pertaining to planning the big day- like which venue to choose, which vendors to pick, and most importantly who you and your soon-to-be spouse want at your wedding ceremony and reception.



The latter stated factor of wedding planning is perhaps the most important because the amount of guests RSVP to your wedding invitations can both greatly and directly affect the costs of food, beverage, venue booking fees, and more importantly- your stress-level. Long story short is that numbers add up quickly in terms of wedding services.

We know it is easy to get carried away with the guest list in the beginning stages of wedding planning; however we as wedding professionals definitely recommend focusing on this aspect of the planning process as early as possible to avoid the possibility of regret or stress down the road.


Source: Philadelphia Magazine

Why is it so important to focus on slimming your guest list down early on in the planning process? For starters, the people you choose to include in your guest list are going to be attending the most important day of your life. Therefore, the first names that pop through you and your spouse’s heads through the initial brainstorming process are most likely the ones that you couldn’t imagine your wedding day without. These individuals should be the main chunk of your guest list. More importantly, if you fail to conscientiously focus on keeping the guest list slim early on, you may yourself wishing you had thought twice about inviting them when it’s a little too late.

Upon a second or third brainstorming session, it’s extremely easy to just nonchalantly add people on your guest list such as former coworkers and bosses, high school or college friends that you somewhat keep in touch with. While there are definitely guests within these categories that you would love to share your big wedding day with, you may find that adding twenty or so more guests may greatly increase the costs of food and beverage more than you had expected which will subsequently cause you more stress in budgeting and planning the entire day of events. Additionally, keeping the guest list small will ensure that you are able to allow your guests to bring a plus-one– which will keep them happy throughout the ceremony and reception.

If you find yourself susceptible to the possibility of having to increase your wedding budget due to a larger guest party- yet don’t know how to slim it down for a more intimate and manageable gathering, consider utilizing some of these extremely helpful flow charts we have found that are tailored specifically for this hard decision making process:


Source: The Huffington Post


Source: Bride Book

How To Comfortably Accommodate All Your Guests On The Big Day

Depending on what time of the year that your wedding date falls on, there are unfortunately some factors that may cause your guests to feel uncomfortable throughout the duration of your wedding ceremony and reception. In addition, depending on your meal choices and the accommodations your venue provides, some guests may feel unwelcome or unwanted. These facts are critical to acknowledge during the wedding planning process in order to ensure that your closest family and friends will be stress-free throughout the entire day- and although the wedding day is in fact ALL about you and your new spouse; if your guests do not feel at ease, the overall setting and mood can be negatively altered quite easily.

Here are some topics of concern that we think are extremely important to address during the wedding planning process in order to avoid making your guests uncomfortable on the big day:


It’s no secret that there are many dietary restrictions among all ages of people in this day and age. The best thing to do first is to find out how many of your guests have dietary restrictions such as: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free. After getting a total count, make sure to communicate with your catering vendors directly in order to develop a meal selection that will best fit the dietary restrictions among all your guests. You really do not want these guests leaving with an empty stomach at the end of the night and more importantly- you do not want these guests feeling like their dietary restrictions are a burden to you.


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Here’s a simple RSVP card layout idea to ensure that your guests receive a meal within their dietary restrictions. We suggest also providing a space for guests to write additional concerns such as: gluten-free, dairy-free, tree nut-free, etc. 



This topic is typically the number one concern for the bride and groom. Since most couples know their wedding date at least eight months in advance, there is plenty of time to brainstorm ideas for keeping your guests cooled off or warmed up depending on the date of your big day.

For spring and summer weddings, it’s best to come prepared to both your ceremony and reception venues with some umbrellas and maybe even some paper fans, depending on humidity trends in your wedding location. It is also extremely important to consider implementing a water station at your outdoor ceremony or reception for guests to cool off quickly and beat the heat. This idea is simple, inexpensive, and easily customizeable to match your wedding decor and theme.


Source: Style Me Pretty
Get creative and customize your complementary water station! There are so many inexpensive and unique ways to dress up this simple addition to your ceremony or reception.

When planning your fall or winter wedding, its best to consider some ways to cozy-up your guests. If your wedding reception venue offers a patio, consider bringing some fleece blankets for your guests to cozy up in.


We absolutely love this idea that our past clients, Courtney and Amy, used at their wedding reception, here at Boulder Country Club in September 2015. Even in the early warmer fall days, late nights can get quite chilly. Encourage your guests to stay longer and mingle outside together by providing cozy blankets like these!

Another great idea that will surely keep your guests warm into the late night hours is a hot cocoa station. If you’re already planning on utilizing a coffee station during your wedding reception, hot chocolate is a great addition to consider. Both the kids and adults will undoubtedly love this idea!


Source: Budget Fairy Tale
Who doesn’t love the idea of a fully customizeable hot cocoa station? There are so many fun toppings to consider. For appeasing to the adults at your reception, you could also consider adding a carafes of liqueurs such as Bailey’s, Peppermint Schnapps, Kahlua, or RumChata.  


This topic is unfortunately often overlooked during the wedding planning process. During site tours of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception venues, it is crucial to keep in mind what challenges your guests with limited mobility or general disabilities may face while attending your special day.

If you pick an outdoor ceremony venue, will your guests with disabilities be able to make it from the parking lot to your ceremony with ease? If not, it would be beneficial find a better suited venue or to ask the on-site venue representative or wedding coordinator what types of accommodations are available for these guests. The same question goes without saying at your wedding reception venue as well. There are often simple solutions to accessibility concerns- sometimes it just takes some thinking outside of the box!

A Fairy Tale Wedding

Christie and Roman were both living in California when they decided to get married at the Boulder Country Club. Planning long distance they were both able to bring their dream fairy tale wedding to life with gorgeous linen overlays and floral arrangements!


Their bridal party who flew in from all over the country looked stunning with the women in the light pastel pink and purple dresses and the guys next to them in black suits.

Their cocktail hour was a blast with the mariachi band they brought in!


The reception was jaw dropping as you walked in to see the blush pink linens with silver and gold accents!

And the final touches to their reception was the gold sequin overlay for their head table! It was breathtaking to see especially when Christie saw the reception for the first time and it brought tears of happiness to her eyes!

The cake cutting was an adorable and memorable moment for this amazing couple!


Their first dance and special dances were beautiful to watch and with the lightning and draping they did in all 3 reception rooms added that extra touch that Christie dreamed of having!

We wish this beautiful couple the best of luck and loved every moment working with them!


Venue: Boulder Country Club

Florist: Boulder Blooms

Photographer: Christina Kiffney Photography

DJ: Rock N’ Roger

Linens: Connie Douglin and Linen Hero

Caitlyn and John


Caitlyn and John came into the Boulder Country Club early last year to look at the club for their wedding ceremony and reception. Very quickly they decided that the Boulder Country Club was the place for them and they booked with us that day for their September wedding!


~Getting Ready~


~Cocktail Hour~




~Cake Cutting~

Congratulations Caitlyn and John!!


Photo Credit: Mallory Munson Photography

Lauren and Craig

A look into Lauren and Craig’s beautiful summer wedding in August 2016!

Getting ready in the Boulder Country Club bridal suite

Their ceremony took place out on the Boulder Country Club lawn with a beautiful arch piece and rug for their decor

Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful!

And Lauren made a beautiful bride!

And then the reception began upstairs in the banquet space at the Boulder Country Club where Lauren picked out the most stunning decor of old rustic pots, flowers and candles with different fabrics wrapped around them

This couple was truly loved by everyone at their wedding and we absolutely adored working with them!

Congratulations to Lauren and Craig and we wish them both the best of luck!

Photo Credit:

Jo Julia Photography / IG: @jojulia

The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Guide

The rehearsal dinner is the start of all the wedding activities and the last thing you need to stress about.  The tone for the rest of your wedding weekend is set by this kick-off event, and we are here to give you some tips to help you plan the perfect rehearsal dinner.


Most often the groom’s parents will host the rehearsal dinner, but sometimes couples like to do things a little differently these days.  Figure out who is hosting and covering the cost of the dinner whether it is you and your fiance, either set of parents or if you are going to all split the cost.


This is the most stressful party of any event, figuring out your budget.  It may not be fun, but is very important.  Be sure to set a clear budget with all parties involved so there are no surprises.

Guest List:

Depending on your budget will really determine who and how many people you invite.  Start with the bridal party and close family members and go from there.  Some people choose to invite everyone from out of town or they will do a cocktail reception afterwards to include everyone, but save some money on the dinner portion.


Looking for a venue may be stressful, but really try to find one that is convenient for your guests coming.  And again, make sure it fits into your budget.

Day and Times:

Typically you see the rehearsal dinner held the day before the wedding and right after the rehearsal at the wedding venue.  Plan enough time to run through the rehearsal part and travel time before the dinner.  Make sure to pick a time that is convenient for all your guests and not too late so you can get plenty of rest before the big day.


Make sure to pick out food options that all your guests will enjoy.  Consider any dietary restrictions as well.

Have Fun:

Be sure to enjoy yourself, this is the kick off to your wedding weekend.  Use this night to relax with friends and family before you say “I Do.”


Maria and Peter: November 7th, 2015

This past November Maria and Peter were married and held their reception here at the Boulder Country Club.


The Bridal Party got ready here at the Boulder Country Club in our bridal suite then went to the church for the ceremony.

The weather turned out to be perfect for their early November wedding right when all the leaves were just starting to fall.  Their photographer Erin L. Cox was able to capture some of the most stunning photos of them outside on our ceremony lawn.


The colors Maria choose to use for her reception and floral arrangements were absolutely stunning together both inside and outside of the venue!


Congratulations to this amazing couple that we were so lucky to get to know! We all here at the Boulder Country Club wish you the best of luck!


And a very special thank you to the vendors that helped bring Maria’s dream wedding to life!

Photographer: Erin L. Cox Photography

Florist: Autumn McMurren at Sturtz and Copeland